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Quote: Originally Posted by EniGma1987 View Post
The issue was that the EU was mad that Google was "pre-loading" the Android phones with the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, google search, photos etc. All the Google default apps. Same way as Apple bundles Apple Maps, Apple Photos, App Store/ iTunes Store, Safari, etc. Only apparently The EU must like Apple more and want to stifle competition. That is the only explanation I can think of as to why they decided to fine Google 5 billion Dollars and leave Apple alone for doing literally the exact same thing. Anyway, the EU says Google isnt allowed to put their apps on phones anymore for free. That is the specific thing here, they cant do it for free. So either manufacturers have to not have their phoens come with the normal apps, and drive more people over to iPhones that have functionality out of the box, or make Android phones cost more to raise them to more iPhone like prices. It really just seems like the EU showing huge favoritism and trying to push as many people to Apple as possible. There really can be no other explanation when Google has done nothing with Android that Apple hasnt already done and still does with the iPhone.
My understanding was Google's contracts/licensing with OEMS to use Android mandated that Playstore, Google Apps, Chrome etc HAD to be included. That the inclusion of these programmes was mandatory for any OEM wishing to license and use Android.

On one hand, seems fair enough. Google fund the development of Android and their ROI comes via their apps.

On the other, Android is the most dominant mobile OS in the world and locking / forcing a single store front, pro-actively preventing competition, there is a decent argument that its monopolistic and anti-consumer.
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