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Quote: Originally Posted by EniGma1987 View Post
Microsoft has been pushing more and more into Linux the past couple of years, its quite possible Microsoft will buy Ubuntu and support it an an enterprise linux server OS. IBM and MS would be competing there. Microsoft knows they need some Linux support both to gain, and hold server marketshare.
There are two possible outcomes with MSpy opening up all those patents and licenses:
- Extension (the second phase of their EEE doctrine) with Extinction being the next
- Windows eventually becomes a proprietary Linux distro

They can't compete with Linux as it has a near 100% server and at least 90% mobile phone market share. The only place where Windows still dominates is the desktop but even there they can't eternally hold onto their market share and, I presume, are scared of losing the market to Linux. So either they desperately try to extinguish Linux or they adopt it and extinguishing Linux is already a failed strategy as they have been failing at it for decades.

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Haha, Liranan, you creep.

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