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Quote: Originally Posted by matthew87 View Post
My understanding was Google's contracts/licensing with OEMS to use Android mandated that Playstore, Google Apps, Chrome etc HAD to be included. That the inclusion of these programmes was mandatory for any OEM wishing to license and use Android.

On one hand, seems fair enough. Google fund the development of Android and their ROI comes via their apps.

On the other, Android is the most dominant mobile OS in the world and locking / forcing a single store front, pro-actively preventing competition, there is a decent argument that its monopolistic and anti-consumer.
Wouldn't it make sense for their apps to be included with their OS though? Even if it's part of the agreement that manufacturers have to include their apps, people can just go to the app store for alternatives can't they? Apple only has a single store front (that I know of), but I'm not sure how either would be preventing competition unless they were actively keeping alternatives off their respective stores (I feel like I'm missing something, so I apologize if this is a dumb question).

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Good news, 6950 is legacy so you wont get drivers anyway.

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