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Quote: Originally Posted by Snyderman34 View Post
Wouldn't it make sense for their apps to be included with their OS though? Even if it's part of the agreement that manufacturers have to include their apps, people can just go to the app store for alternatives can't they? Apple only has a single store front (that I know of), but I'm not sure how either would be preventing competition unless they were actively keeping alternatives off their respective stores (I feel like I'm missing something, so I apologize if this is a dumb question).

Google dominates Search and browsers with Chrome and ensures every advantage by being bundled with Google Play Services then demand all or nothing. Can't run Chrome without Play Services, can't use Google Search app or Assistant without Play Services. You have to use an alternative store, browser and search engine and you can't mix or match.

By contrast Apple only makes iOS and OSX and their hardware only runs their OS software. There are no other iPhone/Mac manufacturers. The only way Apple could get hit by this is that they use their leverage as the dominant PC/Smartphone maker to ensure that another software/service always had the advantage on their OS. Fortunately, Apple doesn't dominate anything other than profit margins. If it were to become a monopoly, then what it does with Safari now would become illegal.
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