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Quote: Originally Posted by Liranan View Post
There are two possible outcomes with MSpy opening up all those patents and licenses:
- Extension (the second phase of their EEE doctrine) with Extinction being the next
- Windows eventually becomes a proprietary Linux distro

They can't compete with Linux as it has a near 100% server and at least 90% mobile phone market share. The only place where Windows still dominates is the desktop but even there they can't eternally hold onto their market share and, I presume, are scared of losing the market to Linux. So either they desperately try to extinguish Linux or they adopt it and extinguishing Linux is already a failed strategy as they have been failing at it for decades.
Like I said earlier. Just this year we've seen massive corporate moves to begin locking down the big Linux players. Valve's moves with Proton now doesn't seem like a shot at Microsoft so much as all of the corporate overlords know something they aren't telling us. Microsoft had to have known that there was no way that it could lock down Linux, but an alliance of tech giants sure could.

Red Hat is the largest contributor to the kernel, except that IBM is now in control of Red Hat. Google is using the kernel to power Android which it has used to conquer the mobile space, and it sure looks to me like Azure is going to be the IoT OS, and should they decide to launch a desktop Linux distro they could just buy Canonical and use Ubuntu. And Valve has all the games.

Between them all, they actually can control the Linux ecosystem. Short term there is potential for good here. After all, what Valve has done for AMD's drivers and WNE in general they might decide to do for Pulse Audio or whatever solution to sorting out sound on Linux they decide. We don't know just how much IBM is going to strangle Red Hat yet, but I really wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a lot in the coming years. Long term? Long term those of us that spent all this time looking for an alternative to Microsoft just might have to find an alternative to Linux because there is no way these corporate c%$ksuckers don't ruin it.

I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway.

If it's not coming out for the PC, it's dead to me.
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