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Quote: Originally Posted by Omega X View Post
Google dominates Search and browsers with Chrome and ensures every advantage by being bundled with Google Play Services then demand all or nothing. Can't run Chrome without Play Services, can't use Google Search app or Assistant without Play Services. You have to use an alternative store, browser and search engine and you can't mix or match.

By contrast Apple only makes iOS and OSX and their hardware only runs their OS software. There are no other iPhone/Mac manufacturers. The only way Apple could get hit by this is that they use their leverage as the dominant PC/Smartphone maker to ensure that another software/service always had the advantage on their OS. Fortunately, Apple doesn't dominate anything other than profit margins. If it were to become a monopoly, then what it does with Safari now would become illegal.
Quote: Originally Posted by xJumper View Post
Google purposefully gimps other app stores. If you go install the Aptoide app store, F-Droid, Yalp, etc you'll find everything needs to be updated manually and a user is shown the "install from unknown sources" prompt every time as a way to discourage them from doing so.

Google Play on Android by default runs as a system app, it can update in the background and without you ever seeing anything, very smooth and slick just like everything else you likely use. Unless you get into modding your phone extensively, rooting, etc you cannot get any third party store to run at the system privilege level. Even if you install another app store and are willing to deal with that, you cannot uninstall Google Play/Google Play services or anything else Google. Not to mention Google is waging a war on rooted/modded Android users as well.

Google also bans a lot of apps that interfere with their way of making money. Net Guard, which was popular firewall app that let the average user firewall in apps phoning home/data mining through the phones VPN function was pulled from the Google Play app store for some mysterious reason until enough uproar from the dev community brought it back.

Google's security model is stupid. It considers anything not from Google Play to be unsafe by prompting users about the dangers of "installing from unknown sources" from something like F-Droid which is 1000% safer than the malware/adware infested apps okay'ed by Google in their app store. They push this mentality that "if it's not from us, it's unsafe" which is a dumb mentality to promote from a security standpoint. They are closing in the walls on rooted users apparently in the name of security yet rooting your phone and using proper firewall apps (e.g ip tables control) is the only way to actually keep your phone secure from the various adware/malware data mining crap that phones come bloated with.

Google is definitely misusing their position to stifle the competition, their setup with Google Play/Google Play Services is like a modern day smart phone version of U.S. vs Microsoft.

Your phone is probably still loaded with Google services and you likely use a bunch of them on a daily basis. Google Cloud Messaging, Google Play Services, etc... Most people and what they do on their phones straight up won't work without any Google.

Alright, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the explanations!

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Yeah, let me just go flood my walls with water and go find myself a microdolphin to pull my cables for me.
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Good news, 6950 is legacy so you wont get drivers anyway.

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