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The game got criticized during initial release rightfully so. It was a lie and lacking most of all the content promised and was just plane broken. Now they get criticized for adding content???? Are you people serious? They add under water content and because Subnautica exists its automatically "OMG RIP OFF, HOW DARE THEY DO THAT!" Its free content and a lot of it! I swear some people ***** just for the sake of making noise.

People who actually play the game WANT THIS CONTENT, if you are so offended by it being added and don't buy it simply because they added it you never planned on buying it to begin with so lets no pretend that it is the last straw. Its such a ridiculous argument, "They added content similar to another game, how dare they! I will not buy it!"

If you feel like this it is a boring grind fest of a game, then you are clearly not interested in this category, but I will say that it is the least grindy game I have played in a long time, especially considering the category which is inherently grindy. Elite Dangerous is light years more grindy and so are a dozen other games.

I was right there criticizing the game during initial release because of legitimate issues. They have resolved the issues that I had with the game and have added a ton of content since. I picked it up for $25 and will say its vastly more entertaining than Elite Dangerous and its actually here unlike Star Citizen. I have paid more for games that offered less. I mean hell I paid a premium for ED and now I have to buy all of the content they are adding to the game on top of that, here they are including it with the base game, IE "free" if you already own it.

Cant we all just be happy that this turned from being a complete flop to a good game with lots of content?

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