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I was more wondering how a string could equal a number, not really about the math itself. My question would be something like: How does 4 == "Cheeseburger". Now you can say that you've got 4 cheeseburgers, but I was thinking that to say that you should be using a variable. cheeseburger = 4. You gotta remember I'm brand new to this, I have only finished 30% of an online course. Advanced mathematics don't really enter into it at this point.

Not that I'm bad at math, I've always felt like I was pretty good at it. I'm way out of practice for sure. But I may take some math classes and logic if I feel the need. Depends on what I run into on the job, once I'm done with code academy, have taken the python course/s at the local college, and have gotten certified. Then I'll look at what other improvements can be made to make me a top tier programmer.

Although I will say, that most of the old hand programmers I've talked to (when determining if I wanted to learn) mirror deepor on this. The general sentiment seems to be, that yeah its helpful but not some kind of big deal.

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