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Quote: Originally Posted by chris89 View Post
Yeah basically early on in the FSB Does the SATA cut out, cutting out the OS. So I added a Marvell HyperDuo controller to resolve it, 2 actually for all 4 drives I use. It works perfectly overclocked after you do that.
I wonder if that's what's going on with other computers that lock up at low FSB increases? My G41 Optiplex 380 X5470 only goes from 333 to 340fsb. I may have to try this. i wanted to OC the 65W Q9550s. But went with the Xeon swap when it crapped out @ 2,880Mhz.
I picked up a MB for the X5687. An Alienware Aurora R1 Micro ATX with unlocked BIOS.
There's a Dell Workstation owners club at TPU.

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