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I'm surprised people still think that NMS is a failure.
It sold well and it's still selling well. It received updates since release and has hours of content.

Quote: Originally Posted by farmdve View Post
What for? A game that nobody plays.
It was the top 10 most played games worldwide couple of weeks back when they released their NMS NEXT update and it's still up there in the top 100.
It's also at the top of the chart in the top sellers list with every update since 1.3 or something which was 2 years ago.

Game goes on sale with every update - I got the game for $20 and have around 40 hours in the game.

I'm more surprised that on Steam people have 400 hours in the game and give it a negative review.
Judge it for yourself and don't take my word for it. I've played 397 hours so i obviously enjoyed it at one point! Now not so much!

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