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Quote: Originally Posted by Diablix6 View Post
Hi kilon, thank you for your response.

Yeah, I suppose that they set some offset to RAM, becouse when DRAM Calculator recommended me DRAM Voltage around 1.41V to 1.43V, then my system worked best when I set DRAM Voltage about 1.38V, and it translated at 1.424V. But when I tried to set voltage at reccomended value 1.41V to 1.43V that translated at 1.45V and more, then HCI memtest gave me much more memory errors.

But question is whether they calculate that offset even at VTT_DDR Voltage. Because it should be one half of DRAM Voltage, but when DRAM Voltage is increased by offset, than is VTT_DDR also increased? I didn't find any program that would let me read VTT_DDRR voltage.

I have asked myself the exact same thing, and dont have an answer.
What i have tested is that if i put BIOS RAM Voltage to 1.45 it will show up as 1.504.
Increasing the VTT_DRR from 0.730 to 0.750 seemed to increase Stability which would indicate that they dont increase the VTT_DRR.
I dont think there is a way to read out VTT_DRR Voltage, so we dont have a way of knowing.
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