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what brand of power supply do you have and what is the wattage. Also always look at the ripple and noise of a supply in the specs prior to purchase. You want a supply that has very little noise and ripple. when you dealing with semiconductor gate switching voltages at levels of 3.3 and now below, these are now one of the most important specs to look at. As for PS wattage, I hope with what I have been reading, you have a minimum of 850w for your supply and that you purchased it within the last couple of years so you are using the 8 pin and 4 pin power connectors on your motherboard. From reading your post over time, overclocking might be the goal, but a small overclock can give you good results without crashing. Once you start have BSOD and you have been running your ram hot, that's what happens when you overclock ram, you have a good chance of damage to the ram that will not show up using a memtest software tester. As long as your CPU cooling temp has not been exceeded or the max voltage to the CPU has not been exceeded then your probably ok. In the past, with AMD systems, using 16gb or more of ram has always been a struggle. Since your dealing with rows and columns with memory organization, timing and the charge /discharge rates are critical. At higher and large amounts of memory are going to require to make sure the ram has enough time to recharge before it is written too. Always been an issue with AMD. Also as you know, every time you update you BIOS, all your ram settings change. As more ram gets tested and the results are sent to ASUS, the BIOS engineers fine tune the timing and other settings. The sometimes even create custom setups for a manufactures ram that you can select. I personally have found over the years, that you can tune any type of ram to run well with any motherboard. Ya some ram chips work better, some won`t work at all, but if they are detected and do not crash constantly, you can tune them to work.
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