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Quote: Originally Posted by Ricwin View Post
They certainly lost that game.
BF1's single player was wasted drive space and a pointless use of development time/cost. It barely contributed to the overall experience, included elements which didnt feature in the multiplayer, used (in some cases) radically different statistics for weapons and vehicles compared to multiplayer, and unlike previous titles it didnt offer any tangible reward for use in multiplayer (woooo... a few skins which no one would ever use and no doubt were traded in for a few scraps).
If you're playing a campaign for the multiplayer rewards, I'm not sure you're the target audience. Playing the SP is supposed to be its own reward.

In regard to the rest you mentioned, I don't see how it's relevant to the assessment of the legitimacy of the mode. And the "wasted drive space [...] barely contributed to the overall experience" part is certainly too subjective.

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