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Quote: Originally Posted by lombardsoup View Post
Will die faster than Battlefront 2, calling it.

BFV's Nov 20th release date is badly timed: Red Dead Online's public beta is also later in the month.
Battlefront 2 was dead out of the gates. It was one of the biggest pre-launch disasters to ever grace the gaming industry. They tried resurrecting it by removing the loot boxes, pay 2 win progression system, and hero unlocking. It did grow a little as time went on (still growing since new free content has released).

Battlefield 5 is a much different story. It is starting where Battlefront 2's fixes ended up. Free DLC that doesn't split the player base, no loot boxes, cosmetic only microtransactions, non-linear progress system, no p2w items, they even delayed to polish the game and tweak it... Theoretically BF5 should do much better than the last couple releases- that is, unless my theory about people's tastes just changing is correct and you will begin to see ridiculous critiques and excuses for why no one is playing the game as all the low hanging fruit have been picked.

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