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try unplugging the ups and connect using a quality surge protector. I hope your ups is a true sine unit. non-sine wave units work well for non critical devices that can live with a sine wave that is not symmetrical and pure. Computers on the other hand can be sensitive to sine waves because of the design of the computers power supplies. Some powers supplies are not bothered, but other really are. Brownout or voltage dips cause mainly reboots or shutdowns. Your on board voltage monitors will always shutdown on a voltage dip. The monitors are programed to look at the rate of the dip to determine if it is load based or just a PS voltage dip. Ripple and noise usually cause unexplained BSOD`s if the components of the pc all check out in other systems using similar components. Do you also have access to slower speed ram. Back to the point I made before with AMD systems always having issue with ram speed and any system using 16gb and larger ram amounts. My system is using 16gb and is Corsair CMK16GX4M4B3000C15 and it works just fine. I did not go with a larger amount of ram because it still looks like the same design team is still in place at AMD. After issues with this for years, I went back to building Intel based systems because they did not have the issues with large amounts of memory and speed. Back to the ups. If someone wants a ups with a system I build, I get them one and it is always a very expensive true sine wave unit with a minimum of 1800watts. I do not care about the run time on loss of incoming line, because the ups is tied to pc and will perform a controlled shutdown. As for power supply, do you have access to anther supply to test with. I have built and ran the TR4 systems using 750 watts and 16gb ram using the 1900x chip. As request came for 1920x and 1950x chips, I started to notice they were power supply sensitive and boosted the supplies up to 850 watt and larger if requested. I use ChannelWell designed units from Corsair, but there are others who use CW designed and built supplies. Lastly I use air cooling for all systems from 1900x up to 1950x. The last system I built using a 2950x used the Nochtua air cooling heatsink. Highest temps during break-in was no higher that 62 c for a 2 hour break-in. Looking forward to getting a Thermalright TR4 heatsink. They are hard to get and if you see one and have some spare change, get one. I generally do not use AIO coolers because they can leak, but they all have issues with the pumps and circulation systems and start to degrade rapidly after install.
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