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Gigabyte GTX 1080TI Gaming OC 11GB Overclock Guide

Hello I do overclock guides in another forums and today I will guide you to do one of the best overclocks in this GPU.

Avoid stupid ideas or questions and follow this steps if you want to get better performance in your gigabyte gaming oc 11gb.

Main ideas:

1 - The bests overclocks have always watercooling. This is a guide with watercooling.

2 - The best overclock is not the higher clock that your card can get without crashing. Its the clock that give you the best performance in a benchmark test.

3 - Don't flash a different BIOS in your videocard.

The components that we will use are:

- Motherboard MSI Z270I Gaming Pro;
- Gigabyte 1080 TI Gaming OC 11GB;
- Kraken G12;
- Kraken X62;
- Coolermaster Masterbox Q300L.

To start, as you know, this gpu have worse benchmarks than 1080TI from evga, zotac and msi.

Dissassembly the original cooler and the fans:

After the cooler have been removed, I used heatsinks to cover the different chips and vrams:

Then, I buy a Kraken G12 mount and, after a long analysis, I found that the best option value/performance/noise was the Kraken X62.

This is the final result:

After the hardware have been selected and mounted I started the software part.

You need to install the nztx software to control ONLY the fans.

For the overclock, you will use the msi afterburner and this are the clocks that I used:

Of course I could use higher clocks BUT it will not improve the performance.



TimeSpy Demo Version:

Any comment or question feel free to comment.

And if I help you feel free to say thanks !

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