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I am late to the party on this news, but yup... if you want to provide an OS for companies to build stuff for, you gotta give everyone the option... Microsoft had this EXACT same thing happened to them, and why Apple doesn't have this issue.

This is a terrible thing IMO. OEM's want to add a bunch of crappy software to their Phone and make it impossible to remove, and this will let them do more. I have a Galaxy S9+ and it comes with a bunch of crap that i dont want and literally cant remove. I dont like their keyboard, and it took me a while to figure out how to change it back to the stock google version. They added their own clock app which i dont like as much either, but it took me a while to notice that it was their clock and not Googles clock.... the list goes on.

Also along with what the article mentions, apps cant rely on services being there. If Samsung doesnt install google maps, then that ____ app cant give you a button that sets the path in navigation because you dont have that app and it doesnt know ohh, i need to call ____ service instead and use _____ api. Simply put, it feels like having a bunch of stuff removed from the .Net api, and not on the new version... just straight up removed from all versions.

There might be some good that comes from this... but i feel at least 90% is going to end up giving you a worse product.

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