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Added a Morpheus II

More mods. Just installed a Morpheus II on my Windforce OC.

Holy cow. at 130% power target it dropped my temps from 74C to 55C at 130% power target and 2100MHz and nearly inaudible fan noise, If I max the fans at 2300RPM with some noise it's even lower under load at 53C. The fans are just Coolermaster Sickleflow 120MM... $10 or less each.

That's with Gelid Extreme paste... I'm still thinking about putting the LM on it but there's no good point. It will now hold the 2100MHz boost where as with the stock cooler before under heavy load it heat saturates and as it climbs over 70C speeds drop off to 2040 or so.

No factory cooler, no VRM sinks, no back plate, not even the Morpheus GPU hold down bracket. Just using the Gigabyte factory GPU screws with the springs gently screwed into the Morpheus standoffs. Works a treat.

Recommend supporting the end of the video card a little with something. It's downright flimsy as a bare PCB compared to when all that vapor chamber hardware is bolted on.

Honestly, I'll try to do something to get VRAM and VRM temps eventually here, but so much air is being shoved through this cooler at the PCB I strongly suspect it's cooling better now than when all the components were trapped under the vapor chamber plates with nothing but thermal pads.
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