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Quote: Originally Posted by Melcar View Post
The clips on the Morpheus are for 120mm fans, or fans with the same fan hole spacing. You could technically mount a one of those round frame 140mm fans. The cooler itself is like 250mm long, so a pair of 140mm fans will overhang more than a bit from all sides. Also, the way the cooler gets mounted on the card there is not much clearance to the motherboard. The 120mm Cougar Vortex fans I have on mine end up touching my motherboard's heatsink, preventing me from installing larger fans.

Both coolers should be comparable. If you really want to use large fans go with the MK-26. Keep in mind that even 2x120mm fans will be far better than the crappy stock fans on your GPU.
What he said.

I didn't even realize the MK-26 was still around.

Personally I'd go with the Morpheus II which is a lot newer design than the MK-26 from 2014.

The other thing I did was pick the bare nickel plated finish. Reason being if I get brave enough to put the liquid metal on for a few more degrees it's got the best surface for it. I have no idea what the black coating is or what is under it.

But if you do get the MK-26 please take a few pics and report back! Someone has to be the guinea pig or no one learns anything.
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