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Quote: Originally Posted by Jarhead View Post
how much you wanna bet this Ubuntu spin will spy on the user on par with Windows:SpyOnME?

Probably just as much as every other ROM that comes stock from any OEM which defeats the main point of having a phone run gnu Linux. I run Linux because it's open source not because it's Linux, on phones I run AOSP Android w/o Google services because it's a very powerfull OS that is also open source.

I am a full time desktop Linux user yet I don't have the desire to try and push gnu Linux on the mobile space; more choice is always better I guess but we already have a great vehicle for OS freedom in the mobile world that already has like 90% of the market share. Android is open source and can be run without proprietary blobs/Google services most importantly. If you ask me those in the open source/freedom/privacy community would be better off promoting de-Google'ed Android/selling it already included in off the shelf products instead of trying to start from scratch with a gnu Linux phone that won't be compatible with anything or have any software/apps made for it.

I feel that's where the Purism Librem will fail. They are releasing what's gonna be a $600-$$700 phone that will have roughly 2012 level technology (processor, GPU, etc) while running an entirely new mobile gnu Linux distribution that will have nothing but the stock apps made for it. Maybe if it was 2007 and the market was for anybody's taking but now, I don't see it taking off. The privacy conscious already have alternatives in that if they know/would go through the trouble of getting a Librem A5 than they likely can put a custom Android ROM on their current flagship phone and have a normal phone like everyone else that can run all the apps everyone else uses in an already very well established ecosystem. I see the phone as appealing to nothing more than purists/idealists along the same line of folks that would buy a phone running Replicant OS (all stuck on circa 2012-13 phones) instead of running a modern Android OS all because of some peoples position against even the tiniest proprietary line of code like a driver for the camera/modem/etc.

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