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[OCN Showcase] THE AORUS by Duality92 [AORUS x Thermaltake]

Together with AORUS and Thermaltake, Overclock.net is pleased to present to you our most epic showcase build yet, THE AORUS. This fully decked out RGB gaming build has very little expense spared, kited with top tier products from both AORUS and Thermaltake.

Throughout this build log, I will be presenting to you on a regular basis each product and when everything has been presented, a live stream will be held for the whole assembly. For those who know me, it's impossible for me to just take hardware and put it in a case and call it a day, there needs to be at least a few unique features and these will be presented to you as the build progresses. If you have any questions regarding anything I am using post them! I will answer any questions you may have regarding the hardware used or additional shots of anything you would like.

With this said, here's the beastly hardware list. This post will be kept up to date with a summary in the second post of all posts I've made relating to this build.

  • AMD Threadripper 2950X CPU, Second generation, 16 cores, 32 threads.
  • Gigabyte AORUS X399 XTREME EATX Motherboard
  • 2 x Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR4 RAM kits for a total of 4*8GB (32GB) with 4 dummy sticks
  • 2 x Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080 XTREME GPUs
  • Gigabyte AORUS K9 Optical Switch Keyboard
  • Gigabyte AORUS M5 Mouse
  • 2 x Gigabyte 256GB m.2 SSDs
  • ThermalTake Floe 360 RGB AIO
  • ThermalTake View 37 Case
  • ThermalTake iRGB Plus 1200W PSU
  • 2 x ThermalTake Mod Sleeving sets in black/orange
  • ThermalTake Riing 140mm RGB fan
  • 2 x ThermalTake Riing 200mm RGB fans
  • 2 x ThermalTake PCIE x16 Risers

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