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Sleeving & Shortening SATA Cables

I already sleeved the two SATA cables going to the hard drives. Today I’m going to sleeve the four SATA cables going to the SSD hot swap bays. I’m also going to shorten two of the SATA cables. I’ve seen this done before, but never actually attempted it myself.

I’m starting with a pair of 30cm, and a pair of 50cm Akasa SATA cables. The 30cm length is what I used for the hard drives and was just the right length. They are also a good length for the closest two SATA ports on the SSD hot swap bay unit.

Here’s some MDPC-X Italian red SATA sleeve that matches the rest of the red sleeving, some SATA heat shrink, and the two 30cm cables.

This is pretty straight forward here, cut the sleeve to the appropriate length and slide it on. The sleeving will go right up against the connector once it is stretched tight.

This is a great tool to cut your heat shrink all to the same lengths. I actually slide a pair of scissors up against the two blocks on the left and make the cut.

Four perfectly cut pieces of heat shrink.

These two I’ll plug into the ports just under the cables going to the hard drives.

The 30cm cable length is just right here for the two inside SATA ports. The 30cm cables would not quite reach the two outer SATA ports.

To shorten these cables the first thing is to remove the metal latching clip.

With a small screw driver gently push the clip forward, then lift slightly before continuing to push the clip forward and out.

Using an X-Acto knife gently pry the connector apart. This was not easy to do! I ended up destroying three of these connectors before I figure out how to do it without ruining it.

I neglected to get a shot with the connector apart, but basically you cut the cable shorter, reinsert the cable and then re-crimp the connector together with a vise or pliers. I also did not get a clean re-crimp on my first two attempts crimping the connector back on because after testing it, I found two wires shorted together in the connector housing.

Here is the only cable I was able to cut down from a 50cm length cable because I destroyed so many of the connector ends
I need to order more cables now.

Meanwhile here is five of the six SATA cables all plugged into the motherboard.

When I do the last cable I’ll take some pictures of the inside of the connector. So shortening the SATA cables is not easy but can be done. I have seen people that have had reliability issues with shortened SATA cables too, so beware of that and be sure to test your cables when done.

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