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Quote: Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post
I completely disagree. Word processor applications have done spell-checking for more than two decades now, so if any company hasn't gotten it down to an excellent level by now, by having the best dictionaries, hiring linguistics and having focus groups over the years, then it's incompetence on their part wanting telemetry at this point in time, in 2018, to get it right. This is a mediocre excuse to siphon data from people's computers for whatever purposes they have.

As xJumper said above, this should be done 100% locally. The risks of private data being uploaded, even if it's a single word here and a single word there, are enormous and completely unacceptable. They are your documents, it should be a principle set in stone by now, it's none of their business, regardless of what is in a given document.

If it was a "media beat up", Microsoft wouldn't have responded with changes as quickly as they did to the investigation.
I see your point and admit I didn't consider it that way. Regardless, it's unacceptable that such practices are 'stealthily' implemented without any clear notification to customer and also default to opt in vs opt out.

I'd hazzard a guess that Microsoft responded so swiftly because of potential GDPR issues.
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