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Quote: Originally Posted by b.walker36 View Post
Was that stuff in a separate partition? Cause a format would delete it. Sorry bit confused here.

Is this update in the media creation tool? My mobo took a crap so I created a installation media to reinstall when my new stuff gets here. Hoping this update is already in there so I don't have to deal with as much windows update.
It was on my C drive. I installed Windows 10 to the C drive. I then installed motherboard drivers, device drivers and programs. There are some things I transfer from an an external hard drive to my downloads folder (I am lazy all my stuff goes to the download folder lol). Some of the things I keep in my downloads folder are an MP3 for testing my 5.1 sound, some programs I have bought, some music albums, etc.

After transfering the stuff from my external hard drive I used the PC a few times on Saturday. Everything was ok. Nothing got deleted. On Sunday when I checked my downloads folder 90% of what I had in there was gone. My recyle bin was empty.
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