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Quote: Originally Posted by xJumper View Post
That's what I was getting at, a lot of people gripe about incompatibilities between MS Office & Libre Office, but for 95% of people they use the same basic feature set found since Office 97 which makes Libre Office more than good enough of a choice. Like why bother paying out the rear for MS Office or a sub for Office 365 when there is this free thing that does everything you will need it to do.

So if I need a high performance office suite...

...Maybe the solution is to switch to Word Perfect. COREL WORD PERFECT, as if, they still make it too.

Really look at the functions available in LibreOffice. Nearly anything you can do with Excel can also be done in Calc, including pivot tables. It's really very powerful, but things don't work the same as in Excel so you have to learn how to use those functions. And if you really come across something in Excel that cannot be done in Calc, the real issue is that function actually belonged in Access and you should really perform that function in LibreOffice Base. Any spread sheet can be converted to tables in LibreOffice Base.

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