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Quote: Originally Posted by andrews2547 View Post
No, not really.

It's perfectly fine for personal use, I use it in fact. But there can be compatibility issues with it when it comes to businesses/government agencies/schools using it. There is a reason why so many for profit corporations pay tens of thousands to Microsoft for licenses to use Office rather than saving that money and using a free alternative like LibreOffice.
Actually, yes. Really.

LibreOffice is perfect for a corporate environment. The only reason corporations do not switch to it is the learning curve expense with doing so. Compatibility is fine and most corporate documents shipped outside an organization are done in PDF format any way, and least in my experience. About the only environment that would REQUIRE absolute 100% compatibility with Microsoft Office would be legal documents where two sides are collaborating on a single legal document so that all edits are saved in an identical format to provide a history of how the document came to be.

And LibreOffice will always have a learning curve for users due to the fact that the current interface for Office is solely owned by Microsoft. You cannot duplicate the format.

I would further state that the native open document formats in LibreOffice are far superior to the proprietary formats in MS Office.

Were I opening a business that required an office suite today, I would use LibreOffice, hands down. Start out with the requirement and set the expectations up front. Furthermore, donate to the project and gain some professional support for the product.

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