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Quote: Originally Posted by Xyxox View Post
Actually, yes. Really.
LibreOffice is perfect for a corporate environment. The only reason corporations do not switch to it is the learning curve expense with doing so. Compatibility is fine and most corporate documents shipped outside an organization are done in PDF format any way, and least in my experience. About the only environment that would REQUIRE absolute 100% compatibility with Microsoft Office would be legal documents where two sides are collaborating on a single legal document so that all edits are saved in an identical format to provide a history of how the document came to be.
MS Office also has incompatibility between version of Office. Try open a document built in 2013, in 2010 or 2007. Completely breaks the formatting. I'd image its the same moving between 2013 & 2016.
So everyone needs to be on the same version if they are collaberating on a document, making more sense to stick with an open standard.

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