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Quote: Originally Posted by Xyxox View Post
I would further state that the native open document formats in LibreOffice are far superior to the proprietary formats in MS Office.
Office hasn't used a proprietary format by default since Office 2003. Office 2007 and later all use Office Open XML. The problem is that there are several different standards that comprise this format, and each version of Office supports reading and writing different standards. 2013 was the first to fully support writing documents using the "true" standard (ISO/IEC 29500 Strict) but no version of Office uses it by default. It's also very difficult to implement these formats in software because the specification is over 6500 pages. LibreOffice has decent, but not perfect, support for OOXML, though I'm not sure which variants. MS Office has support for the Open Document Format, but it's also not perfect.

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