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wow^, couldn't live with 100%. Found my max at 2100 rpm and actually got it boosting consistently around 1510-1540 at 1020mV, my cpu is actually limiting me in BFV now lol. I saw boost at 1607 but it needs that fan pumped up at 3000 rpm or more, its cool but i want keep my ears
Here is what I did to deal with the cooling on my ROG Strix vega 64. https://www.overclock.net/forum/246-...l#post27724290

Not sure what ASUS was thinking with the stock cooler. There is one VRM that is only half cooled by a thermal pad and then it doesn't actually make contact with the cooler at all just the metal frame that holds the backplate on and even then it just covers half the VRM. The same goes for the two additional VRM's on the left. Prior to installing the new cooler you couldn't touch that spot on the stock cooler it was that hot. I also couldn't run the overclock bios because of fears of the temps. Now if GPUZ and hardware monitor are to be believed as accurate (they report the same information) the GPU loads at around 40-50c, the HBM runs around 50-60c, and the VRM's (can't seem to find anything that reads VRM temps) you can keep your finger on the heat sinks. It will boost to 1670 now stock. I use Linux so overclocking on Linux I am still researching.

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