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It would be hard to find a job working from home when you have no experience, and the same goes with part time work. BUT... having a disiability may make it easier for them to make an exception, but probably overall harder to find a job too. I recommend networking. Meet people. I have had 4 jobs and never once actually got a job I applied for. Each one of them was from networking one way or another.

Quote: Originally Posted by bmgjet View Post
You have places like India and China which are really driving the pay down and expected hours to meet dead line to get worse.
I got out of it 8 years ago so I imagin its only worse now.
Its better now actually. So, simply put... management was like, hey we can just outsource everything... they try it, and lack of skill or communication provided them with a bad product. So, over time they have been pulling back on it more and more. Contract companies give them visas and fly them over to work in the office. Important stuff is done here, less important or tedious work tends to get oursourced. In icor's situation, he needs that less important tedious work because that's where you start.

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