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Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post
Don't use Furmark and stop suggesting people use it. It serves 0 purpose and most cards will cripple themselves to a lower P state if it detects it's running. Just run a benchmark if you want to test things out.

@Sugita2Junko : Where did you put the temp probe on? You said the "VRM" but the VRM consists of chokes/coils/inductors/capacitors/MOSFETs/voltage regulators and not all of them really put out that much heat or need a heatsink. The only one that should have one are the mosfets.

It has a back & front plate covering. I just put the probe on the front plate which I felt was hottest, so hot I can't leave my finger for more than a sec. In between the expose mosfet (square things?) & gpu core.
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