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How to optimize this SQL query

I have this query where it basically looks for all the items in my table that has metadata and list all the unique combinations and how many times they appear. I ran this on a database that had 50,000 items, with 280,000 metadata values with 1756 unique combinations. It took 11 seconds. How can i optimize this? How can i write an index for this? The where clause will also change where i may want to list the results of items in the year 2018. I hate optimizing things....

This is the C# code\query i wrote.
            var qq = from a in db.Assets
                     where a.Metadatas.Count() > 0
                     join b in db.Metadatas on a.Id equals b.AssetId
                     group b by new { b.MetadataLookupField, b.MetadataLookupValue } into g
                     orderby g.Key.MetadataLookupField, g.Key.MetadataLookupValue
                     select new
                         key = g.Key,
                         value = g.Count()

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