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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
Which GPU do you have? The various 970s have different BIOS with different sliders in some places, the reference PCB cards have the same sliders as each other IIRC but the AIB cards can be quite different.
Stupid question but I had the same issue on my 980...have you tried restarting your PC? What about DDU and re-install the driver? When my clocks would hang after a flash one of those would always fix it. Well, after I got the BIOS fixed haha.
I almost wish I hadn't seen this, I really miss the BIOS mods.
I have an MSI 970 GTX GAMING 4G, exact same as the OP. It has an updated BIOS direct from MSI.

Reinstalling drivers has never solved any problem for me in the past, I doubt that's the problem. The guide itself seems flawed; the OP claims that it will downclock when idle but we've modded it to be constant voltage and only have the one base clock entry. So I doubt anybody is actually getting idle downclocks at all.

EDIT: Thread search doesn't mention anybody with this problem though so I don't know... all I know is flashing back the stock BIOS instantly solves the problem.

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