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Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Fitzgerald View Post
I trust anything from Google, including Gmail, about as far as I can spit upwind in a class 5 hurricane.
What other email provider do you trust? I trust google more than anyone else, because I trust their security more than anyone else. Your logic more appropriately worded is that you don't trust anyone. Do you trust the overclock.net site? I am willing to bet that someone has hacked into the db stole email addresses and hashed out passwords and no one noticed. I do trust Overclock.net to have the passwords hashed out, while some other sites it wouldn't surprise me for them all to clear text. So, really it just becomes a lesser of evils. It would surprise me if apple wasnt already doing this on their OS's. You know you are if your using an Iphone. The nice thing with google is that they know everything there is to know about me. From my phone they figured out where I live, where I work, the hours i leave and get home from work. My hobbies, my porn fetishes, just about everything i can think of except for financial information. All this information comes from individual services, like web search, email, gps\traffic + maps. I can either not use those services or find someone else for those. Problem being, that everyone else's services are inferior. Like would you use ask.com instead of google.com? You get traffic information from gps info from everyone's phones, and you could pay for a service for this, but they would be pulling that info from you as well.

Long story short... use the best product your info is gonna get out there either way. You might as well be happy.

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