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Cache actually does help minimum framerates. Get your highest core then go for cache...just get what you can out of 1.25v. I've never heard anyone say it can give you worse performance, I really don't see how it could.
As for using IBT it's pretty useless as a stress test. It's more of a heat test, P95 runs cooler and crashes OCs much faster.
Use HWInfo so we can get some useful info.

If you use P95 and HWinfo I could help you out, I've had mine for some time now and using anything other than P95 has resulted in a crash eventually (often after a few minutes into a game).

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If you're not doing extreme things to parts for the sake of extreme things regardless of the part you're not a real overclocker.
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The key is generally not which brands are good but which specific products are. Motherboards and GPUs are perfect examples of companies having everything from golden to garbage function/quality.
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