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Quote: Originally Posted by m1tch View Post
Now its getting interesting:

Overclock to 4Ghz, stock CPU/NB - 9308, 9287, 9314 = 9303

So going from ganged to unganged RAM the average increase was 18.3 benchmark points, increasing to 4GHz (20x200) there is a whopping 592.4 point increase!

Looking at the results side by side between the stock clock and over clock, its the Physics test (CPU) and combined test which showed the greatest increase with the physics test increasing by 16.9% and the combined score increasing by 10.8% on a 17.6% overclock so it looks like it does scale quite well.

Onto the CPU/NB speed bump now I think!
That's the fun of it , fiddling around and seeing what happens.

Would be hard to find a more enjoyable platform for these shenanigans too.

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