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Quote: Originally Posted by termathor View Post
The real issue is not 6 months releases. It's QA. They've basically sub-contracted it to the insider program downloaders. And it clearly doesn't work.

In my opinion it's both. With releases every six months they, the Insiders and OEMs end up running themselves over finding and troubleshooting bugs and problems and getting accustomed to new features and before you know it the next update has arrived. It's too short of a window with or without a QA group, things tend to overlap in such short time frames. What Microsoft is doing is for some silly reason adopting the Linux release schedule of some distros but forgets that Linux gives the users far more options of when to upgrade and there are also LTS versions freely available to consumers. Windows users end up getting the worst deal possible, having to pay for the OS and still act as free beta testers so Microsoft can then pitch the OS to the enterprise sector.

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