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Just having a look to see what sort of other benchmark scores are out there for the X6 (which is where I am lacking in terms of CPU brute force), looks like the highest score for an top end X6 1100T with a single RX470 is at 9858.


With the easier to find X6 1055T its at 9794


This means that the jump with the 2 additional cores would bag an additional 248 points.

Interestingly, comparing the 2 scores the 1100T score has a higher score for the physics score (extra 40% on score with 50% more cores!) but the graphics performance isn't the same, they also have the 8GB RX470 card whreas I have the 4GB card with the slower memory.


Just goes to show that I am probably near the top end of the result I can get, looks like I am also around 200 points clear of the X4 955 CPU which is good to know - next on the list is probably RAM timings, I have matched sets of Corsair XMS3 which seem to also have an XMP rating on them so might look to match the timings and see if that works.

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