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Sampling Red Coolants and Dyes

You may remember awhile back I was deciding on what color of red sleeving to use, and I was comparing the new EK CryoFuel Blood Red coolant with the Mayhems X1 Red and Mayhems Pastel Red.

Here’s the picture from that post with the Mayhems X1 Red on the left, EK CryoFuel Blood Red in the center, and the Mayhems Pastel Red on the right. As I said before, I consider the Mayhems Pastel Red to actually be pink in color not red!

Then I picked up some Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Red around the time I received the CPU waterblock. I really like this color of red, and this is for sure my favorite red coolant so far! The Mayhems X1 is too dark, so is the EK CryoFuel Blood Red, and there's not a chance I'm going to use the pinkish Mayhems Pastel Red, so those three are now eliminated. Here’s a shot with Aquacomputer Red coolant in the CPU block.

EK has recently come out with a new solid red coolant called CryoFuel Solid in Scarlet Red which is right next to the Aquacomputer red, and on the right of that is the Mayems X1 Red which you can see above, but is not included in the following pictures.

The front row is Mayhems Red Dye, Mayhems Deep Red Dye, and Primochill Intensifier Transparent Red Dye.

I used some scrap pieces of tube to show how the coolant will look in the tubing. The glasses will show more how it will look in the reservoirs.

Left to right is Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Red, Mayhems Red Dye, Mayhems Deep Red Dye, Primochill Intensifier Transparent Dye, and EK CryoFuel Solid Scarlet Red.

There is five drops of dye in the two Mahyems dyes and ten drop for the Primochill dye.

As soon as I put the Primochill dye into the glass it had an oily type of substance that kind of floats on the top, even after stirring again. Plus this was more orange like than either of the two Mayhems dyes. So I for sure am not going to use or recommend the Primochill dye.

As far as a solid red coolant goes, I do like the EK CryoFuel Solid Scarlet Red much more than the Mayhems Pastel red. However I am going to eliminate that one because I really want a clear fluid. I think with the six LED lights in each reservoir a clear fluid will look much better because a solid colored coolant would mostly obscure the light from the LEDs.

Plus a clear fluid will look better in the illuminated pump top, illuminated CPU waterblock and HDD waterblocks as well.

The two Mayhems dyes look good too, but I really would prefer to use a “coolant” as opposed to distilled water, dyes and other additives. Plus I really like the color of the Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Red the most!

So the winner is… Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra Red

Adding this because I forgot to mention anything about the "nano" type fluids like Mayhems Aurora, Primochill Vue, and UFO Technologies Cryo-Chillz coolants. I will admit that these coolants look absolutely fantastic! However, they are more of a "show" coolant, and are not really meant for long term use or in complex loops.

The particles fall out, the coolant turns cloudy, or other issues can happen like clogging the micro channels of the waterblocks. I want something that lasts for a year or two without flushing, and still looks good. For those reasons there is no way I would ever personally use any of these types of coolants. It's just not worth it.

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