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They could make air1 and no one should care when you can't buy it. Looks nice yeah yeah it does, if it doesn't have major issues and the shape fits your hand and grip. Availability of any Finalmouse? More of a non availability. 1 seller in EU? Only sells new air58 and no older mice? No stock? You know what, just give out a name of the factory in China that is making these so we can order direct XD Would be faster than waiting until corporations figure out the logistics and old style supply chain.

Branding: ninja what?
Scroll: text, really?
Price: very steep, twice that of competing products,

I'm sure it's a great mouse if you're a YouTuber etc. who gets a sample for free or they made the mouse "for you" with your silly name, doesn't have to wait 6 months and spend a significant portion of their monthly income on a mouse. Simply not worth it for most regular people. Ugly styled supercar like mouse? Sort of.
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