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Quote: Originally Posted by Jspinks020 View Post
It's awful... chips so bad dieing in p95...should upgrade to Ryzen. Can't convince People though, it is a huge Improvement.
I will be upgrading to Ryzen at some point, I built this current system back in 2010 for around £600 so a fairly budget build, have recently upgraded to an RX470 which the system is currently bottlenecked with but have upgraded to an SSD boot drive so its still very useable.

Plan for me is to see how far I can push this as I am not too worried if the current CPU lifespan is reduced as it will be upgraded at some point soon - have always wanted to run an overclocked PC to 4Ghz - I started overclocking with the Athlon XP back on Socket 462

I am kinda using this CPU as a test rig to learn more about overclocking and see how things like NB frequency can change things in terms of gaming/benchmark performance.

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