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Quote: Originally Posted by TobbbeSWE View Post
Nice work! My card is a PALIT 2080Ti DUAL with a Non-A GPU with 112% bios. What will a shunt mod give me in Powerlimit? And did you do it on a Referens design PCB?

Yes, this is the reference PCB, it is a Founder Edition GPU. If you also use 8 mOhm resistors you would get 280 * 1.625 = 455W

Quote: Originally Posted by TobbbeSWE View Post
Would a resistor like this be usable? I have alot over from my old days fiddeling with 780Ti Volt modding.

Those resistors would not work, they are 1 - 10 ohm and we need 0.008 ohm resistors. They would also be harder to solder on.
I used these from mouser: ERJ-M1WSF8M0U
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