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Quote: Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post

Yes, this is the reference PCB, it is a Founder Edition GPU. If you also use 8 mOhm resistors you would get 280 * 1.625 = 455W

Those resistors would not work, they are 1 - 10 ohm and we need 0.008 ohm resistors. They would also be harder to solder on.
I used these from mouser: ERJ-M1WSF8M0U
Ok thanks!

How did this mod affect your max clock and Avg clocks overall?

Did you notice any negative things after the mod? Like abnormal amounts of power being pulled at the same clocks as before?
For that i guess you need something to measure before and after mod outside of the card because the "power" indicator in Precision X and GPUz will show the wrong value now i guess.
Or does it still work?

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