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If they would get a clue they wouldn't even need Chrome as a base. Edge didn't fail because it wasn't fast, it's a decent browser spec wise. It failed because people don't want a piece of spyware as their main portal to the world and hate how it's baked into the OS and tries to hijack itself as the main browser every chance it gets. Now if they would do the same with Windows 10 everybody would be back on board with MS like it's 1999, we all know that's not gonna happen though.

Hopefully that steers more people onto Firefox, would like to see it back to 2010 levels of popularity where basically everyone in the know was running it.

It's a bit scary though, because when this goes through it will be a two browser game only, Chrome vs Firefox and that's. I know there's actually tons more of high quality browsers but in all reality for 99% of people there will only be two. Should Firefox ever fall or turn evil after that then it's game over.

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