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Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
What other email provider do you trust? I trust google more than anyone else, because I trust their security more than anyone else.
Lot's of paid email providers offer high quality service for the price of a fast food combo a year. If you ever have an issue setting up your domain, locking out an account or something there's a legit English speaking knowledgeable IT person who you can call up. Ever lock out an account with Microsoft/Hotmail/Outlook/Google or whatever email services? Good luck trying to get a hold of someone. Everyone's a grown up here, everyone can fork out fifteen bucks for email. Said providers have much higher security/privacy standards, many offer optional no-back up services and combined with an email client setup for POP3 download you essentially have no records/logs. Choosing free web mail over that so you can be raped by Google/MS instead of forking over $15 is dumb. It's free because they data mine the crap out of you and get that $15 back that the service would cost one hundred fold out of building an advertising ID out of you, putting all their UI/UX guys to work to build enticing ads for those marketing ID's and getting people to buy more stupid stuff they don't need. Net result, you lost more. That $15 you didn't spend on email ended up with you becoming poorer from some stupid crap you inadvertently and likely unknowingly got marketed and then went and bought.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
Your logic more appropriately worded is that you don't trust anyone.
You really shouldn't especially nowadays on the internet, anything else is being naive. Time and time again it's proven in every data breach, every whatever that ticking the privacy slider to "ON" or what have you wasn't actually true, that your data wasn't actually protected, etc...

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
Do you trust the overclock.net site?
No, considering there's about 24 background domains/scripts I have blocked trying to connect and rape me for information every time I connect to this site but then again that's why they're blocked.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
I am willing to bet that someone has hacked into the db stole email addresses and hashed out passwords and no one noticed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post

I do trust Overclock.net to have the passwords hashed out
You trusted wrong, Overclock.net is run by Vertical Scope. VS was hit with two major breaches not too long ago, user credentials were dumped and brute forced open/sold on darknets.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
The nice thing with google is that they know everything there is to know about me. From my phone they figured out where I live, where I work, the hours i leave and get home from work. My hobbies, my porn fetishes, just about everything i can think of except for financial information. All this information comes from individual services, like web search, email, gps\traffic + maps.
Hopefully you never become someone important. You see important people, big shots, they secretly laugh at people who use their services and don't use them themselves. Mark Zuckerberg thinks people who use his service are idiots, big shots at Facebook and other tech companies actually tell their own family members to steer clear, they know it's all been engineered to be super addictive time wasting revenue generation. Big business tycoons (so basically successful people), they don't use smartphones; they use dumb phones or no phones at all and do it Godfather style where they tell someone else who then tells whatever person they're trying to contact. That should tell you something about how "awesome" these services you speak of are.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
I can either not use those services or find someone else for those. Problem being, that everyone else's services are inferior. Like would you use ask.com instead of google.com? You get traffic information from gps info from everyone's phones, and you could pay for a service for this, but they would be pulling that info from you as well. Long story short... use the best product your info is gonna get out there either way. You might as well be happy.
Or you can be like us the resistors, buck the trend at every turn and be those services yourself. Want a nice smartphone with all the Google features but giving them back zero on you, go load up a custom OS with all the Google spyware ripped out, host your own cloud services, use search engines that scrape off of Google results and the best of all just suck it up and do it the old school way. Get traffic info by tuning in to the local radio station that plays it every 1 on the hour, flip the TV channel to the local news that displays traffic cameras, etc...

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