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Quote: Originally Posted by pewpewlazer View Post
You suck it up and eat the cost? Soldering resistors onto your video card to bypass the manufacturers over current protection kind-of sort-of absolute-definitely voids your warranty, and you need to accept that fact when you pick up the soldering iron.
Or you can just do a good job soldering then de-solder it later. I've never done it for warranty purposes but I have added things that I intended on removing so instead of letting it really run in by getting the components hot I'd just melt the solder with the gun with the components touching. It's not as strong this way but it can easily be removed if you heat it up upside down. Even if you didn't cold-ball it you could probably make your solder run in with the existing solder without being noticed.

I'd really like to do this to my 1080 but it's a PITA to tear it down...the cooler gets wedged in a weird way. After my custom BIOS on the 1080 I kinda forgot all about TDP throttling. It's really annoying in games because you can see the clock fluctuate with the frame times.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpeedyVT
If you're not doing extreme things to parts for the sake of extreme things regardless of the part you're not a real overclocker.
Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
The key is generally not which brands are good but which specific products are. Motherboards and GPUs are perfect examples of companies having everything from golden to garbage function/quality.
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