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Quote: Originally Posted by xJumper View Post
If they would get a clue they wouldn't even need Chrome as a base. Edge didn't fail because it wasn't fast, it's a decent browser spec wise. It failed because people don't want a piece of spyware as their main portal to the world and hate how it's baked into the OS and tries to hijack itself as the main browser every chance it gets.
That's not true. Edge only asked me once if I wanted to give it a try (right after I had installed Windows 10 and Chrome). Say no and it will leave you alone.

I tried Edge and what I disliked about it was the absence of my usual extensions (and anything that could be considered an actual alternative) and meaningful layout customization. But that's not "malevolence"; that's just their inability to create a browser people would like more or, at least, as much as Chrome.

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