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Quote: Originally Posted by ymetushe View Post
Did nVidia finally realize that nobody cares enough about PhysX anymore? It's about time. I never saw the difference in real world gameplay (as in, not just comparing still screenshots) and gave up on "wanting" PhysX years ago.

Now let's hope they give up on other protectionist strategies such as G-sync and start behaving for the benefit of the consumer.
A lot of games implement physx even if you think it doesn't.

Nvidia already released the API and physx source code in 2015.
Since physx can run in software mode on AMD, it also allowed developers to use physx and learn how to adapt it to run on AMD cards, and they did so in many games.

A lot of current gen physics in games is in this way or another, based on physx. So even if you "never saw the difference", in many cases, is because you watched physx without knowing it.

While it was not originally from nvidia, the fact that they bought it and pushed it, made a lot of difference in game development over the years and how people "never saw the difference", because they have no idea how technology evolve.

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