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No, its C# code using entity framework that is querying a SQL db. There are a few ways to query it, and this style is very close to SQL. ( i would also need to lookup how to do a join using the other style)

Here is a couple examples from the other style I tend to use more.

  var userPermissions = db.ApplicationUserSourcePermissions.Where(a => a.ApplicationUserId == new Guid(User.Identity.GetUserId()));
            if (!userPermissions.Where(a => a.SourceId == myAsset.SourceId).Any())  // If User does not have permission
                return null;


                    var grouped = data
                    .GroupBy(u => u.Item1)
                    .Select(grp => grp.ToList())
                    //construct filter                    
                    foreach (var itemGroup in grouped)

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