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Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
That's not true. Edge only asked me once if I wanted to give it a try (right after I had installed Windows 10 and Chrome). Say no and it will leave you alone.

I tried Edge and what I disliked about it was the absence of my usual extensions (and anything that could be considered an actual alternative) and meaningful layout customization. But that's not "malevolence"; that's just their inability to create a browser people would like more or, at least, as much as Chrome.
That's odd because this place is full of threads claiming the exact opposite, where at every windows update the settings they picked were somehow "forgotten" and reverted to the defaults. Microsoft Edge shortcuts/icons placed back onto the desktop (pretty sure there's a thread just about that), the default for opening something web based back to Edge, some banner that pops up when you try to install another web browser claiming Edge is the fastest with images of speedometers and Edge being implied that it's faster because the needle is further clockwise on the speedometer. I've experienced two of those things myself.

Regardless Microsoft has been complete crap in the browser game for a while, they dropped the ball after IE6.

When it comes to security, Firefox wins hands down right now and likely will for some time to come. Most exploits and the way a lot of people get infected nowadays isn't from downloading an .exe off Kazaa, they come in the form of malicious scripts. Firefox has the best support for security related extensions, notably script blockers which seriously up ones game in staying safe online.

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